540pages. 17,2x10,6x3,6cm. Broché. Trapped in a snowbound cabin or on a long flight, there's nobody more reliable than Forsyth for guaranteed diversion. His narrative engine is one of the best in the business; his characters spring quickly to life; he blends research and imagination into high drama. Icon is set in the Russia of 1999, where an ultra-nationalist zealot you might recognize from Nightline is about to become head of state. When his dangerous agenda leaks out, no Western government wants to take action -so a private task force including ex-CIA agent Jason Monk is sent in to derail the demagogue. It's all in the grand tradition of previous Forsythe winners, from The Day of the Jackal, The Odessa File and The Dogs of War through The Fourth Protocol and The Deceiver.

  • Binding: Broché
  • Product Group: Book
  • Product Type Name: ABIS_BOOK
  • Manufacturer: Corgi
  • Part Number: 9780552139915
  • Release Date: 1997-07-01
  • Edition: New Ed